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13 May 2009 @ 10:21 pm
♪two: introduction&faq  

what is yeobsaeyo?
yeobsaeyo is a place where you collaborate with other singers in order to make high-quality covers of your favorite korean songs. the process: once a project is started, audition, record a clip, and wait for the results! once you have been chosen, handing in your final clips on time is essential, and then the song gets mixed/compiled. the final result is posted up on youtube and soundclick. sound fun? it definitely is! ♥

how do i join?

simply join the community, fill out the form, and record your audition clip!

what kinds of positions does yeobsaeyo have?
we have positions for:
♪ singers / rappers
♪ mixers / sound editors
♪ graphic artists / publicity
♪ moderators to help organize everything

what kind of music does yeobsaeyo cover?
we cover korean songs, mostly of the pop genre. we're really flexible though, so if there is a song that you like, feel free to suggest it by messaging the mods or leaving a comment. we cover everything from a'st1, after school, and big bang to the wonder girls and younha.

how do you split songs?
we would usually split a song up into color parts according to the range of the part, type (rap or singing), male/female, and the original splits/parts of the song. then auditionees can choose what part they would like to audition for. depending on the quality and quantity of the auditions, we will either have a large or small number of parts available

what kinds of things do you look for in an audition?
we look for: (in no particular order)
♪ attitude of the auditionee (enthusiastic, passionate, etc -- this can be reflected in both your application or your audition)
♪ quality of the mic
♪ intonation, pitch
♪ pronounciation
♪ make sure we are able to hear you clearly

what is the most important thing to keep in mind?
to keep an open mind and have fun! bashing, flaming, and making fun of other people is absolutely not permitted. if you do any of the above, we will immediately ban you from the community, no matter how talented you are.
if you audition for something but don't get the part, don't be disappointed! there are lots of chances, and lots of songs that may fit your voice better. try, try, and try again, because you never know ♥

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